Blondme at Bon Bon

Blonde hair has the most delicate hair structure, despite this, we as colorists have to provide optimal hair quality and spectacular color results.

At Bon Bon, we are powered by the Integrated Bonding Technology, of Schwarzkopf Professionals BLONDME. We offer a unique color range that is be tailored to your individual style and hair type. With easy to use, home haircare, brilliant blonde looks can be attainable and managable.

What’s so awesome about this Integrated Bonding Technology ???
Well … during the blonding process the bonds inside the hair fibre can be damaged.  As a result, the stability of the hair is reduced and the hair is prone to breakage. The new Bond Enforcing Technology has been created to protect the hair from deep within. It contains highly efficient Succinic Acid that penetrates into the hair during the oxidative process and creates a protective layer around the hair bonds.

With this protection, most of the bonds survive the blonding process and the hair keeps its strength and elasticity. The unique Bond Enforcing Technology is integrated in the high-performing BLONDME lightening, lifting and white blending formulas, at NO extra cost to you!

Having had this amazing service myself, I can must stress the importance of the home hair care maintanence.

We’ve all had that colour that looks and feels beautiful when you leave the salon but after the new hair glow wears off and you start dusting the broken bits of hair of your t-shirt and noticing it’s more green than the icy hew you left with only a few washes before . . . well, we have no time for that.
BlondMe’s Integrated Bonding Technology interlinks with the hair fibres to help enforce strong structural bonds for minimized hair breakage, BlondMe’s after colour bonding care helps create new bonds at home in between salon visits and is tailored to enhance and maintain your new brilliant blonde.

What does that actually mean… well the bonds are what keeps your hair together so strong unbroken bonds = strong smooth hair, add this to using the after colour home care it helps create new bonds and stabilize the hair structure and prolong the colour results for long lasting colour and shine. 

With Bon Bon and BlondMe, you can be whatever blonde you want to be: Confidant. Powerful. Individual. Iconic

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