So with only a day or so to go until you’re off to the race’s and your
‘Insta-Ready’ look is on point, I’ve put together a few helpful Tips to get your hair through the day.

#1 – If you want to go the distance
– prep your hair the night before.
Wash and put your product in, a mousse or our ANTI.GRAVITY will be perfect to create volume and hold, then don’t forget your heat protection. Blowdry with a wide tooth comb and the easiest bit … sleep on it.
If your hair is long and thick and NEVER does what its told and wont hold curls for you, repeat the product adding step. Layering the product helps it work better.

This one is the best one I’ve found so far – two thumbs up.

#2 – Light waves are always a favourite.
If you struggle to keep those waves in make sure you Place your bets ahead of the day and refer back to out first tip.

There are 1000’s of YouTube videos out there sharing their curling hacks, ( I’m constantly on the hunt for new easy ways to curl, so I’ll share them as i find them 😉 But my favourite is the pony tail method which works best for medium to long length hair.

REALLY basically breaking if down – complete Tip #1 then when your ready make a high (like top of your head in your fringe kind of high) ponytail, take your curling wand and a finger thickness of hair from your pony and wrap your hair away from your face around the wand, enough times to leave about a inch or two off the wand for that beachy straight wave look for about 15-20 seconds.

Repeat as many times as needed, carefully pull out your ponytail, add a layer of light hold hairspray (set for a moment) then using your wide tooth comb, comb out your curls. Then bring it home with another shot of your hairspray.

#3 – For all all-weather look – combine Tip #1 and #2 in a low slung messy ponytail, or a parted sleek low pony with a hair scarf or ribbon.

Finish any look with a shine spray and of course more hairspray . . . for you want to end the day looking good too .

If all those ideas get scratched come see us, we can get you in and out in an hour and ready to go before the first race.

T. x

PS Video not my original content.

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