No really!

What kind of products are sitting next to your soap and face

I recommend to all of my clients, that they should have colour safe shampoo and treatment at the very least.
Taking care of yourself and your hair at home is just as important no during our Covid-19 iso, as when you were coming in on a regular basis, and while you can’t all get to the salon at the moment it’s more important than ever, to look after yourself.
Here are some of my favorite products I think should be in everyone’s shower:

Coloured Hair
Kevin.Murphy Hydrate Wash and Rinse
Kevin.Murphy Repair

Natural/ Uncoloured Hair :
Modere Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner

Your Leave-in product (yes everyone needs one, just a matter of which one ) is different for everyone.

What product do you need to add to your shower shelf?
DM (for expert advice) with your hair hates and we’ll try and find a solution.

Remember if your in iso and cant get into the salon call us and we can get it to you x


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